Best Wood for Bee Hives

Best Wood for Bee Hives

Bee hives have traditionally been made of wood however with the emergence of plastic bee hives it’s no longer a thought of ‘what is the best wood for bee hives’ but ‘what are the best plastic bee hives’.

What are some common issues Bee Keepers find when using a Wooden Bee Hive?

  • The wood can expand and contract during the different seasons.
  • The wood can split, rot, sweat, warp, crack and difficult to nail & screw together.
  • Depending on the type of wood used, it can be very heavy.
  • Compared to plastic wooden hive are expensive and do not last.

Plus you’ll have to decide on what wood you want to use and what sizes. With TechnosetBee® Plastic Bee Hives the choice is easy.

Plastic bee hives are better than the best wood for bee hives

With there unique twin walled polypropylene skin design, our TechnosetBee® plastic bee hives are far stronger than even the best wood for bee hives.

Below are some more advantages of our plastic bee hives:

  • 100% compatible with your existing hive types (wood or plastic) since they are manufactured as per the Langstroth dimensions.
  • The most cost effective product currently available.
  • Wide range of compatible accessories allowing you to customise your plastic bee hive to your wants and needs.
  • Zero-maintenance as they do not rot, sweat, develop mildew, warp, slit or crack.

If you’re not convinced that our TechnosetBee® Plastic Bee Hives are better than the best wood for bee hives than please have a look at our TechnosetBee® page which includes more reasons to chose them.

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