How to start a bee hive

How to Start a Bee Hive

Starting a Bee Hive is easy if you have the right tools! Follow these simple steps on ‘How to Start a Bee Hive and you’ll bee well on your way to making your own honey at home.

  1. Purchase a TechnosetBee Hive System. The hive system provides a holistic approach to beekeeping as it empowers the beekeeper to decide which hive parts available best suit their application and climate. It contains all the required equipment including Brood Box (the bottom of the hive), Supers (sits above the brood box), Frames (bees build their honey), Locks and Bottom Board.
  2. Purchase High-quality Accessories. We have a wide range of quality hive accessories, including a pollen trap, queen excluder, propolis excluder, feeder, escape board, vented and non-vented base, hive entrance gates, hive stands and more.
  3. Talk to your local council. Most don’t any issues with having a bee hive in your backyard as you’re doing the environment and surrounding areas a favour, but it is always best to check they don’t have any regulations.
  4. Talk to your neighbours and family. Get their approval or even better yet, get them involved, you may be able to teach them a thing or two.
  5. Fence in your backyard. It is saver to store your beehive in secured yard, even for the ‘just in case’ situations.
  6. Protective Clothing. At the minimum, purchase white bee keeping hat, shirt, coveralls, suit, veil and gloves to avoid being stung.
  7. Purchase your Bees. There are three types of bees: the queen, the worker and the drone. Contact you local association for more information on where to purchase bees from around your area. When is the best time to start a Bee Hive? Purchase your bees Spring or early Summer so you can watch them grow and flourish.
  8. Tafe. If you want to learn and know more about how to start a bee hive and bee keeping, there are many educational institutions that offer short courses.

Or you could do this the old fashioned way by where Bees were kept in man-made hives in Egypt in antiquity. The walls of the sun temple of Nyuserre Ini from the 5th Dynasty, dated earlier than 2422 BC, depict workers blowing smoke into hives as they remove honeycombs. They describe honey stored in jars, and cylindrical hives.

Today we continue this tradition, but everything is easier and simpler with TechnosetBee ®.

Egypt beekeepers blowing smoke in to hives - Better Bee Hives

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