Plastic Beehives

Plastic Beehives

Before purchasing a beehive you will need to decide whether you want to purchase a wooden beehive or a plastic beehive. Although wooden beehives may be your first thought, think about the advantages of using plastic as they are beneficial for not only you but your bees.

What are the Advantages of Using Plastic Beehives Over Wooden Beehives?

TechnosetBee® Plastic Beehives are specifically designed to provide the beekeeper with a durable product with distinct advantages, these include:

  1. The unique twin walled hive body protects the bees from all weather extremes so there will be more foraging and less allocating resources for temperature control.
  2. Is compatible with wooden beehives.
  3. BPA free to ensure food is safe.
  4. Bee Hives can be easily washed with warm soapy water.
  5. Built in sunscreen to ensure that it is UV stable.
  6. Comes in a range of colours
  7. Easy to assemble
  8. Maintenance free so you won’t need to glue, nail, paint or sand the hive.
  9. Does not suffer from mould contamination and cannot be damages by moths and beetles
  10. The beehives can be easily washed with warm soapy water and extremely easy to assemble.

All TechnosetBee® Plastic Beehives are manufactured from a polypropylene compound that forms the tough exterior surfaces of the hive body, base and lid. It also comes with an 8 year guarantee.

If you have Wooden Beehives and have the typical issues bee keepers experience, we suggest the following products;

Eliminate Cold Drafts and Reduce Mice. If you need to replace the bottom tray we suggest a TechnosetBee® Solid Bottom Board. It will eliminate the cold drafts and reduce mice from entering the hive. Whilst made to fit the TechnosetBee® hive body, it can also be used to replace existing bottom boards on wooden hives.

Eliminate Infestation of Varroa Mites. Avoid Varroa mites from dropping through the screen rather than land on a solid base and then simply crawl back up into the hive. Beekeepers with Varroa mites speak very highly of the TechnosetBee® Screened Bottom Board. Yet again, this is designed to fit our hive body but can also be used on older style wooden hives.

Both Boards are of course manufactured from a polypropylene compound specifically designed for its durability!

All beehives come with an 8 year guarantee, so you’ll know it will last! Perfect for both hobbyist beekeepers and commercial beekeepers alike.

If you want to improve your processes, and start from scratch we sell affordable Plastic Beehives by TechnosetBee®.