Bee farm

Bee Farm

Do you want to start your own Bee Farm or improve your current one? TechnosetBee ® hives are manufactured from a polypropylene compound, which means all products are durable, low-maintenance and compatible with existing hives

What are the benefits of using TechnosetBee ® for your Bee Farm?

  1. BPA free to ensure food is safe.
  2. Bee Hive can be easily washed with warm soapy water.
  3. Easy to assemble
  4. Does not suffer from mould contamination and cannot be damages by moths and beetles
  5. Wide range of quality hive accessories, including a pollen trap, queen excluder, propolis excluder, feeder, escape board, vented and non-vented base, hive entrance gates, hive stands and more.
  6. The hive system is not low maintenance but rather NO maintenance as they don’t rot, sweat, develop mildew, warp, split, or crack

TechnosetBee ® are used in a Bee Farm around the world both commercially and by the backyard beekeeper alike.

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