Beekeeping equipment

Beekeeping Equipment

We have a huge range of Beekeeping Equipment and accessories for beginner beekeepers and those who are wanting to improve their processes. You can purchase TechnosetBee ® Products online today.

If you’re a beginner to beekeeping, you’ll need the following Beekeeping Equipment

TechnosetBee ® Complete Hive– If you’re starting out, we recommend the TechnosetBee ® Complete Hive System. The Complete Hive system which includes the Brood Box and Super is full depth, 10F, lid, 6 hive locks and twenty No. 1 or 2 Type full depth plastic frames, box measures 51cm x 41.5cm, with a solid plastic bottom board. The Complete Hive is very affordable and can be purchased online.  This system provides a holistic approach to beekeeping as it empowers the beekeeper to decide on which hive parts available best suit the application and climate

Wax Foundation–These are available online for $1.50.

Protective Clothing– You’ll need white protective clothing such as a Beekeeping hat, shirt, coveralls, suit, veil and gloves to avoid being stung.  Why white you ask? Bees react unfavourably to dark colours.

The Queen & Working Bees– You’re best to contact a Beekeeping association or a club near you to find out more information on where to purchase bees in your area.

Additional Accessories– You may also want to purchase additional accessories that will assist.

If you want to better your processes, you’ll need the following Beekeeping Equipment

Beekeeping Separates–If you’ve picked up some Beekeeping Equipment along the way or you’re currently looking for ways to better your processes and increase productivity, we do sell separates at an affordable price, these include;

  • A pollen trap: Our pollen trap’s unique design collects up to 70% of the pollen from bees returning to the hive!
  • Solid Bottom Board: This can be used to replace existing bottom boards on wooden hives.
  • Queen excluder: The openings in our plastic queen excluders for the worker honey bees to pass through are limited to 4.1 mm. These plastic queen excluder is suitable for use in all types of hive.
  • Top feeders: It offers an entrance at each end for the bees within the hive to easily access the sugar syrup.  It hols 4 litres of syrup and can be refilled without disturbing the bees/
  • Vented and non-vented base: If you’ve got varroa mites, the screen bottomed base is for you. After they have dropped through the screen they cannot simply crawl back into the hive.
  • European wasp trap: If you have issues with wasps, this trap will sort them out but placing a small piece if fish in it. They die shortly by the natural heat of the sun.
  • Full Depth Frame, Plastic No 2 Type: Cut a sheet of foundation in half and insert each half through the top of the frame –  simple!
  • Propolis/Pollen trap: The trap provides the most efficient means available for collecting clean, high quality propolis with minimum effort. Simply position the trap in the hive and remove when full.
  • Lids/covers: Are uniquely designed with twin layers that effectively insulates from weather extremes and even sound.
  • Locks/latches and more 

You can purchase all Beekeeping equipment online, delivered straight to your door!shop-now