Beekeeping for Beginners

Beekeeping for Beginners

The following ‘Beekeeping for Beginners’ List outlines a number of things you should consider before setting up your bee hive.

Department of Primary Industries. If you own one or more hives you are required to register with the Department of Primary Industries. Click here to complete the registration form.

Family & Neighbours.  Don’t take your family, friends, and neighbours for granted. It’s always best to ensure they are comfortable with the idea of you having a Bee Hive in your backyard and to ensure they are not allergic.

Abundance of Flowers. You will need to have an abundant and varied supply of flowering plants for your Bee Hive to work best.

Costing & Equipment. You will need to be able to afford setting up your Bee Hive. We offer a wide range of affordable, quality hive accessories, including a pollen trap, queen excluder, propolis excluder, feeder, escape board, vented and non-vented base, hive entrance gates, hive stands and more. All at an affordable price!

Council Approval. Does your council have any issues with you having a beehive? Most don’t, but it is always a good idea to check before purchasing your products.

Don’t let the above turn you off. As long as you purchase beehive keeping products that are easy to use and maintenance free, beekeeping is easy and enjoyable! 

So what exactly does a basic bee hive consist of?

  • Brood Box: This is the box on the bottom of the hive.  The frames with a wax foundation go into the brood box. This is also where the honey is stored.
  • Supers: The supers sit above the brood box. The Frames with a wax foundation go into the Supers.
  • Queen Excluder: This is the barrier between the brood box and the supers. The openings in our plastic excluders are limited to 4.1mm to allow the worker honey bees to pass through.
  • Solid Bottom Board: This is where the queen bee lays. A bottom board can be can be used to replace existing bottom boards on wooden hives if you’re looking to replace your current one.
  • Frames Type 2: This is where the bees build their combs on. This revolutionary frame design was specifically created for the “lazy beekeeper”.
  • A pollen trap: This collects pollen from legs of beesThe trap has four main parts; the base, the mesh through which the pollen falls, the upper disk to prevent its contamination and two trays to hold the collected pollen.

For more information on starting on starting your bee farm please see the relevant section

We offer a number of products which makes Beekeeping for beginners easy, these include:

TechnosetBee Complete Hive System

The Complete Hive system which includes the Brood Box and Super, is full depth, 10F, lid, 6 hive locks and twenty No. 1 or 2 Type full depth plastic frames, box measures 51cm x 41.5cm, with a solid plastic bottom board. The hive system is not low maintenance but rather NO maintenance as they don’t rot, sweat, develop mildew, warp, split, or crack. The Bee Hives can be easily washed with warm soapy water and extremely easy to assemble.

TechnosetBee Bee Escape Cover (Lid)

The bee escape is perfectly designed for clearing a box of honey with minimal stress to the bees and the beekeeper – perfect Beekeeping for Beginners!

Propolis Trap / Collection System

The Propolis  trap provides the most efficient means available for collecting clean, high quality propolis with minimum effort.

Top feeders

 It offers an entrance at each end for the bees within the hive to easily access the sugar syrup.  It hols 4 litres of syrup and can be refilled without disturbing the bees.

A pollen trap

 Our pollen trap’s unique design collects up to 70%.  The trap has four main parts; the base, the mesh through which the pollen falls, the upper disk to prevent its contamination and two trays to hold the collected pollen.

Full Depth Frame, Plastic, No. 2 Type

The beekeeper simply cuts a sheet of wax foundation in half inserting each piece into place through the top of the frame. Great durability and ideally suited for beekeepers who are time poor.

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