TechnosetBee ®

For many years beekeepers had to be satisfied with using wooden (pine) bee hives that they had to assemble, glue, nail, wax dip (or wood preserve in some other way) and finally paint. This, as you can image, took beekeepers considerable time and if wood preserving, considerable logistics to arrange as hot wax dipping is not something to be tackled by the faint hearted. Naturally, beekeepers pushed industry to provide a more practical solution to their needs / problems. As a result, various plastic and polystyrene manufacturers around the globe have produced an assortment of bee hives, many of which are still in use as are wooden hives.

Why choose TechnosetBee® over other hive types –

  1. TechnosetBee® hives have a unique twin walled polypropylene skin design, providing better protection for the bees and makes for a stronger, more durable bee hive.
  2. They are 100% compatible with other existing hive types (wood and plastic) since they are manufactured to standard Langstroth dimensions,
  3. The hive system is not low maintenance but rather NO maintenance as they don’t rot, sweat, develop mildew, warp, split, or crack,
  4. They are the most cost effective product currently available saving the beekeeper both real time and money,
  5. The hive system provides a holistic approach to beekeeping as it empowers the beekeeper to decide which hive parts available best suit his application and climate,
  6. The hive system has a wide range of quality hive accessories, including a pollen trap, queen excluder, propolis excluder, feeder, escape board, vented and non-vented base, hive entrance gates, hive stands and more,
  7. TechnosetBee® bee hives and their accessories are 100% BPA Free food grade virgin plastic
  8. But my daughter tells me that the best thing of all are that the colours available are groovy, and sometimes I have to admit she just might be right. One thing is for certain, bees love them.

TechnosetBee® bee hives are in wide use around the world both commercially and by the backyard beekeeper alike.

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